Tuesday, 29th May 2018

Volvo 9900 introduction for the UK & Ireland

Press statement

This week we have seen the first reveal of the all new Volvo 9900 and 9700 range of coaches.  

The launch defined a Europe wide platform and, in order to avoid any confusion, we would like to supplement the information you have received with right hand drive market specifics for the UK and Ireland.  

  • The new 9900 and 9700 range for Europe replaces the existing 9900, 9700 and 9500 range.

  • The existing 9900 range, and indeed 9500 range, was not previously available in RHD format.

  • Volvo Bus is very pleased to bring the new Volvo 9900 to the UK & Ireland premium where it will replace of the current Volvo 9700.

  • With the introduction of the new Volvo 9900 we would like to confirm that there are no current plans to bring the new Volvo 9700 to the UK & Ireland market at this stage.

  The Volvo 9900 introduction for the UK & Ireland will be based on a specific premium market specification and will therefore differ from the European specification and package options that have been described in Goteborg. We will release information about market specification, pricing and available options when we reveal the new Volvo 9900 at the EBE Show in Birmingham  (30 October - 1 November).  

Ahead of the UK & Ireland market introduction in Q4 this year, we would be very happy to answer any points or clarify any queries via spokesman Andy Kunze (andy.kunze@volvo.com)  



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