Tuesday, 29th May 2018

Volvo launches new platform for long-distance coaches

Volvo Buses is now introducing an entirely new range of buses for tourist and line haul operations. With top-of-the-line design, fuel-saving aerodynamics and safety of the very highest level, the premium coach manufacturer is taking another great leap forward.

“We have performed the biggest renewal of our European coach range in several decades. The changes cover everything from the vehicle’s structure and driving properties to an entirely new, modern design language. This is a new platform for coaches built on the integral concept. I’m convinced that our customers and their passengers will appreciate the result,” says Håkan Agnevall, President Volvo Buses.  

The range encompasses two models: the luxurious Volvo 9900 and the versatile Volvo 9700, both of which can be tailored in detail to match individual operational needs.  

In tourist and line-haul operations, where much of the focus is on giving passengers a pleasant overall experience, Volvo Buses has invested major resources in comfort-enhancing solutions. A well-insulated body gives a low interior noise and vibration level, and the climate system has been developed to provide a steady and pleasant temperature throughout the bus, irrespective of ambient outside conditions. The ergonomic passenger seats are Volvo’s own design.  

The design team also attached considerable importance to both visual and tactile quality. Passengers enjoy a calm and well-balanced colour scheme, with tasteful combinations of cloth and leather featuring metal accent details. The interior is designed to give a premium experience in every respect.  

“We have been determined to create a modern functional, friendly and inviting overall impression with strong character,” says Dan Frykholm, Design Director Volvo Buses.  

The most exclusive version is the new Volvo 9900 flagship. Compared with the previous generation, the overall height has increased by 12 centimetres. This has created space for a larger luggage compartment, while at the same time seating the passengers higher in the bus. In combination with the sloping theatre floor and large glass panels, this creates good visibility to the front and sides of the coach. The ceiling in the passenger compartment is eight centimetres higher than before, and the cleaner transition between walls and ceiling also adds to a far more spacious interior experience.  

The design of the driver’s compartment, with its all-new steering wheel and new instrumentation, is now seamlessly integrated with the rest of the bus, while still giving the driver the privacy needed for working without disruption and with full control. The driveline, featuring Volvo’s 11-litre engine and I-Shift transmission, guarantees the Volvo trademark of excellent road manners. Stability and manoeuvrability have been further improved thanks to the lower centre of gravity of the bus.  

The new 9000 range stays true to its Volvo heritage, with technology that makes it one of the safest coach ranges on the market. Both the Volvo 9700 and the Volvo 9900 offer comprehensive solutions for active and passive safety. The new Driver Alert Support System aims at preventing accidents caused by tired or inattentive drivers. The system monitors driving behaviour and the position of the bus in relation to lane and road edges. When a drowsy or inattentive driving behaviour is detected, the system warns the driver via pop-up messages displayed in the instrument panel together with a sound. Other new features are sturdier front impact protection (FIP) with higher energy-absorption ability, and a glass panel in the lower part of the front door to make it easier for the driver to detect other road users close to the bus.

Volvo Buses’ engineers and designers have also created the necessary conditions for good fuel economy and low climate impact. The aerodynamic exterior with its smooth panels and rounded corners generates very low air resistance. Gross weight has been reduced by 350 kg thanks to the use of lightweight materials. The result is up to 4 per cent lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. This can translate into considerable savings for a long-distance coach that may cover anything between 100,000 and 300,000 kilometres a year. By specifying Dynamic Chassis Lowering and Volvo I-See*, it is possible for customers to save even more fuel.  

The improved stability, the vehicle’s lower weight and several other properties such as excellent corrosion resistance all stem from the entirely newly developed body structure. The all-new Volvo 9900 and Volvo 9700 are engineered for a successful, long and productive lifetime.  

“We aspire to be our customers’ best business partner, with a firm focus on lifecycle cost, uptime, and reliability. With our all-new, modern coaches and flexible services we offer a highly competitive holistic value proposition to the market. Simply put, we make it easier for our customers to provide an excellent service and make money,” says Håkan Agnevall.



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