Thursday, 10th May 2018

Kanthal promotes rugged resistors at IEEE 2018

Kanthal will present new rugged, non-inductive high resistance resistor series – Type BA – and discuss upcoming ‘Disk Washer’ resistors at the 2018 IEEE International Power Modulator and High Voltage Conference in Jackson Hole, WY, June 3 - 7.

The expanded range of electric components from Kanthal provides customers with multiplied voltage, pulse energy and power load capacity in extreme conditions.

The unique BA resistor series and extreme energy Disk Washer resistor, which will be demonstrated at the 2018 IEEE Conference, have both been designed to withstand temperature changes, humidity, vibration and dirt. With many possible ceramic geometry options, they can be custom fitted in compact or portable power packages.

“Our tubular ceramic resistors are chemically inert and thermally stable. Unlike standard wire-wound and film type resistors, they can withstand overload heat up to 350°C without failure or experience deformation when cooled,” explains Charles Treadaway, Manager Sales and Marketing, Kanthal. 

Kanthal’s high quality ceramic resistors and capacitors are suitable for a wide range of applications including radar, motor drives, broadcast transmitters, medical defibrillators, MRI scanning devices, high voltage power supplies and energy research.

At the 2018 IEEE Conference, Kanthal will also be demonstrating how assemblies can be optimized and adapted to unique high-power needs and conditions.

“Our approach is to be a collaborative partner and provide a seamless service. Our products are highly customizable and they allow for more energy in a smaller space. We can use as many as 120 resistors in one assembly unit,” Treadaway adds.

Visitors to the Kanthal booth 7 will be able to calculate and get advice on everything from resistors to snubber circuits, which make it easy to divert energy in the case of power shutdown.

Charles Treadaway added: “The demand for transient power protection has increased worldwide. We will explain why snubber circuits are the most inexpensive insurance policy you will find. We invite visitors to challenge us with their needs.”



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