Wednesday, 21st March 2018

Mellor’s Strata is vehicle of choice for Lincolnshire County Council

An ex demo Mellor Strata High Floor bus has been purchased by Lincolnshire County Council for their latest fleet expansion.

As part of the CallConnect service, Lincolnshire CC has taken delivery of the Strata HF bus to add to their existing fleet.

The Strata HF is aimed primarily at the local authority and community transport sectors. The vehicle is based on the popular Mercedes Sprinter chassis and is fully accessible, with a passenger lift at the rear.

Steve Roberts, Fleet Engineer for Lincolnshire Country Council, said: “The Strata HF provided the seating capacity we needed for our CallConnect service operating around the Skegness and Mablethorpe areas.

“We were impressed by the flexibility of the layout of the vehicle which allowed us to configure the inside space to meet our needs.

“We have paid special attention to the graphics on the vehicle livery, utilising a contemporary design, with an aim of encouraging younger passengers and demonstrating that this service is not just for the disabled or elderly.

Jane Dransfield, Area Sales Manager for Mellor, said: “We are pleased that Lincolnshire CC specified the Strata when they needed a new vehicle. It offers a flexible layout and can be tailored to suit specific customer requirements. The medium wheel base Strata will accommodate 16 seats and six wheelchairs, while the long base boasts space for up to 19 seated passengers or up to seven wheelchairs.

“The bus features wide seats, a 2+2 layout and a completely flat floor with no slope or internal steps, making it perfect for elderly and disabled passengers. But the modern interior includes all the features and benefits passengers would expect on a standard sized bus making it suitable for all ages.



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