Monday, 3rd September 2018

Why shooting a video doesn’t need to get you hot under the collar this Summer

If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure you’ve been enjoying this unusually hot British summer. That is if your office is equipped with desk fans and an unlimited supply of ice creams! It also seems the summer sun has given inspiration for many new creative video campaigns, but what is it that makes a campaign great? The answer is, lots of things! So, I have put together a list of all the key ingredients you need, to ensure your company’s video project is a success:


Clear brief

Where to start? As with anything, it is very difficult to start a project if you have no idea of where to begin or the results you wish to achieve. That’s why you must outline well-defined objectives and a clear strategy of how to get there.  Remember who your target audience is and define what will motivate them to take action as a result of watching your video. Define what you want included and what you don’t.



Will it take a day, a week or a month? Don’t guess! Select realistic timescales to ensure you keep on track and the project is finished without delay. As the saying goes, ‘anything worth doing, is worth doing well’ so always allow time for those inevitable amends.



How should the video look? This all comes down to the type of video you are filming and your company’s corporate identity. For an interview, you may want a very professional appearance. Whereas, at an exhibition, you can include more quirky transitions and edits. You also need to consider the background music you are planning to use, to ensure that it’s in line with the video style. The key thing is to experiment. Trial and error can help you to come up with a fantastic end result.


End use

When choosing where your video should appear, you need to evaluate two important elements. Who and where is your target audience? If the majority of your audience are active on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram then your video content needs to be optimised to fit all types of screen, from mobile screens to tablets. Many people now watch video without the sound on, so to make sure your video’s message is not lost, be sure to add subtitles!  



Ultimately, the cost will come down to what you have asked for. So, when determining a budget, always go back to the brief as this will help you to be more realistic. Many agencies now offer price packages to ensure you don’t end up with any nasty surprises.



Don’t be scared to set your standards high! This is your chance to showcase your company and communicate a message through exciting visuals. Whether you outsource the video project or complete it in-house, it’s important that you achieve what you set out to. Last but not least, good luck!


Lights, camera, action!


Jade Thompson

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