Tuesday, 22nd August 2017

The evolution of online video

Up until recently the corporate video had long been considered a luxury item. This was primarily down to the high cost associated with the filming and the time consuming editing. Larger companies were the only ones in a position to justify the investment, due to their superior marketing budgets.  

Over the last few years the cost of video production has reduced considerably to such an extent that the corporate video is now a fundamental part of any successful content marketing plan. They are also increasingly being actively used by smaller companies to get their messages out to a wider audience quickly and effectively.  

This new affordability of the medium has seen a steady and consistent growth of video content covering areas such as promotion, sales, recruitment and marketing. This sudden popularity is no coincidence. It has piggy-backed off the ever growing social media wave which has revolutionised the way we communicate. The tie in with social media has provided an outlet channel which allows for a fast and easy route to showcase video. Content is king, which means that if the video proposition is strong enough, anyone can compete with the 'big boys'.  

It’s no real surprise that video has found its way onto the social platforms. A single html link for example is able to bypass Twitter’s 140-character constraint, which in turn allows companies to get their full message across no matter how long that may be. Having this ability to communicate a campaign effectively with current and future customers is vital, and the companies that have harnessed the power of video are now one step ahead of those who haven’t yet taken the plunge.  

If approached professionally, video can have a major impact on how a company is perceived. It can act as a key mechanism to introduce products to potential customers, who previously, may never have heard of the brand or the offering. Video production allows the clear communication of a focused professional message, which is why corporates have taken advantage.  

With this easy and fast route to customers, there has to be some control over what is uploaded. After all, a bad video can do a lot of damage. Video that is captured via a smartphone for instance is rarely good enough. To use this method to try and promote your company message is a risky route to take. The same goes for letting your second cousin’s son use his camcorder to shoot and edit your company video. We have all seen the samples on YouTube that make you think ‘why on earth would you post such material’.  

Day by day more and more companies are telling their story, their way, to the vast online audience who seemingly can’t get enough of online video. It seems that the medium will only continue to evolve and get stronger and stronger. For a fraction of the cost of traditional media, it has now become essential to build video content into any successful marketing plan and activity.  

Ian Robinson

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