Tuesday, 10th October 2017

Predicting 2018’s Social Media Trends

The past two years have been filled with political turbulence, for both the UK and the US, this of course, made room for the emergence of social media trends such as clickbait articles and ‘fake news’. Away from the political sphere, the popularity of GIFS grew exponentially, and paved the way for apps such as ‘Boomerang’ allowing smart phone users to create their own mini videos to share across platforms.  Live and short form video have become increasingly popular, especially when overlaid with text, allowing social media users to watch without needing to turn the sound on.  However, these are all things we are used to seeing on social media. So, what about the future? Here are three areas that we think will become more prominent in 2018.  

First up is brand marketing using social media features such as Instagram and Snapchat ‘stories’. This is a feature that allows users to share a timeline of events through photos and short form videos that are only available to view for 24 hours. Adverts can now be spotted between stories created by social media users and as such those viewing pictures and videos uploaded by their friends and family will automatically take in the adverts. This feature has also been utilised by popular brands. Ted Baker recently unveiled a series of episodes titled 'Keeping up with the Bakers' only available to watch on Instagram Stories and completely shoppable.  

However, this is not the only trend we can expect to see. It is becoming more common place to be able to speak with representatives of a brand using instant messaging. IM allows brands to access a ground-breaking environment, it provides the opportunity to present customers with secure and almost immediate and personal customer service.  

In addition, we are also seeing how prominent the rise of virtual reality (VR) has become. Brands are now including VR into their social media marketing strategies, as can be seen by TOMS at the start of this year. With these strategies, brands are allowing customers to experience a journey with them using 360° images and videos which is bound to have a significant impact on sales.  Linking to this, we can expect the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 to include more and more live video. Social media users are now able to create live content which allows viewers to experience things in real time and as a result, taking the use of social media into entirely new realms.  

Are you planning your marketing strategy for 2018 and looking to add some of these social media trends into your plan? Why not get in touch and see how we can help you.

Pav Gill

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