Monday, 3rd September 2018

Why shooting a video doesn’t need to get you hot under the collar this Summer

If you’re anything like me, then I’m sure you’ve been enjoying this unusually hot British summer. That is if your office is equipped with desk fans and an unlimited supply of ice creams!

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Tuesday, 31st July 2018

Six steps to ensure your next exhibition is a success

Planning your presence at a trade show can be a daunting task, but it really shouldn’t be! It’s an opportunity for you to get your brand’s message heard by trade show visitors, but only if you are properly organised and with an effective strategy in place.

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Tuesday, 5th June 2018

Why it's not a good idea to build your summer content plan around the football

‘Ambush marketing’ isn’t anything new. It’s been around for a long time. Some refer to it as ‘guerilla marketing’ while others just call it ‘piggybacking’. It all amounts to the same thing.

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Tuesday, 27th March 2018

GDPR – the clock is ticking but it may not be as bad as you fear

Like many companies, we’ve been grappling with the issues in and around the General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR) which come into force in May.

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Tuesday, 21st November 2017

How to handle a PR crisis in a digital world

It’s no surprise that in recent years as social media has become increasingly mainstream, the PR industry has taken a new digital perspective. Gone are the days where you had to switch on the television, or buy your local newspaper to be updated on the latest headlines. Nowadays you can easily scroll through your Twitter feed to see the latest updates instantly.

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Tuesday, 10th October 2017

Predicting 2018’s Social Media Trends

As we come closer to the end of 2017, we’re already looking ahead to some potential key social media trends for next year.

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Tuesday, 22nd August 2017

The evolution of online video

Up until recently the corporate video had long been considered a luxury item. This was primarily down to the high cost associated with the filming and the time consuming editing. Larger companies were the only ones in a position to justify the investment, due to their superior marketing budgets

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Monday, 5th June 2017

How a great social media campaign can help your business?

Hashtags started as a way to group data together on Twitter, but have since become the most effective way for brands to initiate conversations with their followers and promote their products and services to new users.

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Wednesday, 22nd March 2017

Could social media be the trick to reaching elusive journalists?

Every year that passes, the PR industry grows with more consultants while journalists are rapidly declining. PR consultants can feel they are being ignored by the media, and journalists with limited time and resources get frustrated by PR’s wasting their time with pitches which are irrelevant or frivolous.

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Thursday, 23rd February 2017

How could Instagram benefit your business?

It’s no secret that many businesses, brands and individuals around the world are making the most of Instagram and using the thriving app to their marketing advantage. Before we explore why this is, it’s important that we address what kind of app Instagram is.

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